PharmaPro Mission Statement

We at Pharmapro are committed to bringing our customers the strongest LEGITIMATE ANABOLIC COMPOUNDS at reasonable prices. We know our customers work hard for their money and we want their supplement dollars to go as far as possible. You can rest assured that when you buy from Pharmapro, you are purchasing the STRONGEST LEGAL COMPOUNDS at THE LOWEST PRICES. The typical mark-up of a product will flow in this manner.

Manufacturer–> Distributor–>Retail Store–>Consumer (You)

At Pharmapro it flows like this:

Manufacturer–> Consumer (You)

We cut out the middlemen and save you money.

PharmaPro products are manufactured using the highest quality pharmaceutical grade compounds in FDA inspected labs that follow stringent GMP’s(Good Manufacturing Practices).

One thing we won’t do at Pharmapro is name our products after actual street names of popular anabolic steroids, then try to fool our customers into believing we sell “legal” versions of them.  That’s fraud. Until recently, there were prohormones on the market for many years. These steroidal precursors were very popular.  Unfortunately, they are no longer available.  Today, all steroids, precursors and prohormones are illegal (except DHEA- but it is barely hanging on as the only legal precursor available). It is amazing how many people are still taken by this scam after so many years.  Legal versions of anabolic steroids do not exist.  They never did.  And the companies that do this scam, have profited greatly as they take many pages in any given bodybuilding magazine. Common sense would deem that the government would raid and shut down a company touting legal versions of steroids that are advertised in magazines nationally?  They don’t bother with these shysters though because they are just selling watered down herbs.

WARNING: Don’t be fooled by online companies touting their supplements as legal anabolic steroids. They will have you believe you’re buying legal steroidal compounds and you ultimately receive useless products you spent hundreds of dollars on. Then these companies will give you a hard time when you try to return the products (One company we surveyed won’t allow you to return any product back if you’ve used more than half the bottle). These companies are easy to spot as they won’t even put the ingredients of their products on their website. Many go as far as naming their products or ingredients after actual steroids but alter the spelling a bit. Others use the nicknames of actual steroids to make you “feel” like you’re buying the real thing. There are even scam artists out there that will make up bogus steroidal chemical names to trick you into believing you are getting the real deal. DON’T GET FOOLED!! Ask questions about the products and the ingredients before you buy. A legitimate company will not be evasive about what is in their product or on their label. Also, ask them to be specific about their return policy. If you can’t use a full bottle to ascertain your satisfaction of a product, DON’T BUY IT!! You work hard for your money, don’t get ripped you off.

Don’t get fooled.  If you think a company might be one of the scam companies we just referred to, call them up. Ask them if their products contain actual steroidal precursors (which they don’t). Then ask them to tell you specifically what the ingredients are.   If you can, write the ingredients down and do some research.  We receive dozens of calls each week from people who were taken by these companies.  Don’t fall victim to them.  If you wish, call us and we’ll answer your questions about products and we will be as straightforward as we can even if you decide not to buy our products.

We pride ourselves on doing extensive research before launching each and every one of our products. Are our products steroids, or precursors of steroids? No.  Are they powerful Legal Anabolics that will help you pack on mass and increase strength? Yes.  Before we call a product anabolic, we make sure it’s going to deliver.

At Pharmapro we only sell LEGITIMATE HARDCORE ANABOLICS and we are forthcoming about what goes into our products. Our product labels are on our website and we will even supply certificates of analysis on our active ingredients upon request so you know exactly what you are buying. PharmaPro products are sold with a Money Back Guarantee (see our return policy).

Feel free to call us with technical questions between 9AM-5:30 PM EST Mon-Fri.
Our order lines are open 24 hours 7 days per week.

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