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This Stack Contains:


  • Lipopro 

  • Furostan

  • SERMadex


In putting together the RIPPED STACK we wanted to address maximum fat burning effect, and overall metabolic and hormonal optimization.

The first component of the stack is LipoPro, a powerful fat burning matrix that creates maximum thermogenic effect you will feel within 30 minutes along with a corresponding increase in energy. Weight loss will be at a maximum and appetite will be reduced significantly. Excess water will be shed from the body within the first few days of use and the thyroid will be functioning at peak levels to accelerate weight loss even more so.

Furostan has a very high anabolic/low androgenic affinity and does not aroamtize which means it will help build Ripped, Lean Mass while reducing excess fat stores, especially in the abdominal region. Your recovery will be much faster which will help you shred up even faster. FUROSTAN  will create that Hard, Dry, Sculpted look which is the reason why competitive bodybuilders use it for their pre-contest prep.

SERMadex is our next generation anti-aromatase supplement. A SERM is a Specific Estrogen Receptor Modulator. SERMadex contains 3 cutting edge compounds to control estrogen by reducing the estrogen hormone's ability to bind with its' corresponding receptor site.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better stack for lean shredded mass and that hard dry look. Order your RIPPED STACK today.


The Ripped Stack is $99.95 (4 week stack)


Buy 2 Get 1 Free $199.90




  1. Crazy Good Review by MD

    I have never come across a fat burning stack so good. Ive noticed great loss of weight and starting to see that ripped dry look within two weeks at 225lbs. I for sure will buy more as well branch out to other products because they WORK! (Posted on 4/29/11)

  2. Best stack to get lean Fast. First week a lone cut 5 pounds of fat off the abdominal region. Review by The Red

    One of the best fat burning and strength gainers i have used. By the fourth week of using these products my wieght i used for doing 12 reps i could do 25 reps. This is the real deal for becoming lean and adding a lot of strength. (Posted on 3/17/11)

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