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Hardcore Stack

Hardcore Stack


The Stack That Will Cause Your Muscles To Literally Explode. Contains 5 powerful Legal Steroid Alternatives including Sterodrol, Furostan, Maxitest, + Liv-R Clear for detoxification.


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The Strongest Mass Building Stack Bar None.

The Hardcore Stack Is Our most Popular Stack and Includes The Following Products

Sterodrol™, Furostan™,Maxitest™, Liv-R Stack™

The Stack That Will Cause Your Muscles To Literally Explode. Contains 3 powerful Legal Steroid Alternatives including Sterodrol, Furostan,

Maxitest, + Liv-R Clear for detoxification. The progression of the stack goes like this:

Week 1: Sterodrol is a Mass Builder that is strictly for putting on size. You will be on Sterodrol the first 4 weeks of the Hardcore Stack. You will notice an immediate increase in strength as well as tightening of the muscles. Protein intake throughout the stack is important as your body’s ability to synthesize protein will be greater than it has ever been. Shoot for 1.5gms/day per pound of body weight.

Week 2: You will continue to notice more and more strength increases and muscle volumization begins. Recovery is much faster than normal and muscular fatigue is reduced dramatically. This is also the part of the stack where size gains really start to kick in.

Week 3: You continue on the road to Mass and also phase in Furostan, the second anabolic of this powerful stack. Furostan when combined with Sterodrol blasts the muscle receptors from all angles to give you exponential growth. Strength continues to increase and Muscle Density is now more apparent.

Week 4: This is your last week on Sterodrol. Dramatic increases in Muscle Hardness and Mass have been attained at this point. Strength is still on the upswing and Muscle recovery should be to the point where you want to spend several hours a day in the gym (don’t worry, your normal training regimen will suffice).

Week 5: Maxsterone is now phased in with Furostan. Maxsterone is a very powerful anabolic that focuses on protein synthesis so if you have not already done so, be sure to take in least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Furostan works to build a high quality muscle with a focus on definition. Liv-R Clear is also begun at this point to enhance the liver’s ability to aid the anabolic process.

Week 6: You will see a bit more vascularity and muscle striations. Recovery is faster now than at any other point in the stack. Everything is coming together: Mass, Strength, Size & Vascularity. People will assume you’ve been juicing- but you know otherwise.

Week 7: You look in the mirror and notice the major transformation that has taken place. Muscle definition and size are at levels you’ve never seen before. Strength in all of your training exercises will more than likely be personal records.

Week 8: By the end of this final week, the transformation is complete. There is no question in your mind that you’ve just experienced the Strongest Legal Anabolic Stack available. We recommend cycling off of the more androgenic components of the Hardcore Stack for at least 4 weeks. If you so desire, you may continue on with another bottle of Maxsterone as it uses non-hormonal pathways. Also consider LipoPro to really get Ripped & Shredded.

“If You Can’t Put On Size With The Hardcore Stack,

Hang It Up, Nothing Will.”


There Isn’t A More Powerful Legal Combo To Pack Rock Solid Muscle On Your Frame.

Remember, as with all Pharmapro products, we back the Hardcore Stack with an Ironclad Money Back Guarantee.
The 8 Week Hardcore Stack is $199.95. Save Almost $80 over the individually priced products!

Or Save Even More….

Buy 2 Hardcore Stacks and Get 1 Free for $399.90

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