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Sterodrol    Maxitest    Liv-R Clear    Lipopro


The Anabolic Mass Cycle combines some of our most powerful anabolics including Sterodrol, SERMadex and our newest product Maxitest, the most powerful Testosterone Booster currently available.

Week 1 begins with Sterodrol – with its cutting edge combination of
anabolic ingredients you will immediately feel a surge of strength, power and stamina.
You will feel Sterodrol kick in very quickly, usually your 1st training session you
will feel energy and strength increases. As the stack progresses, you will notice
your Strength and Mass gains continue to increase dramatically. You will be on Sterodrol through the 1st 4 weeks of the Anabolic Mass Cycle.

Week 3 you will continue on with Sterodrol but you will also phase Maxitest into the stack. This is where your muscle gains will really really explode as you are now taking a powerful androgenic booster (Sterodrol) with the powerful Testosterone Booster Maxitest. What you need to know about Maxitest is that it is not just a powerful Test booster, but it is also a very powerful GH potentiator as well. Using these two products together will yield dramatic and permanent gains.

Week 5, you will have completed Sterodrol and will be 2 weeks into using Maxitest. By now you should have gained several pounds of Mass and noticed a significant reduction in body fat. Also in week 5 you will begin using SERMadex. We call SERMadex our best kept secret because not only will it nip estrogen in the bud, you will also enjoy a massive spike in Testosterone levels as well. Typically, Sterodrol and Maxitest do not aromatize to estrogen, however, at this point in the stack, you will want to be sure estrogen is under control. So with SERMadex, you will actually “kill two birds with one stone”, You will continue to maximize your gains through increased testosterone production, and also control the nasty effects of estrogen. At week 5 you will also begin using Liv-R Clear as it is important to keep the liver functioning at optimal levels which will actually accentuate your gains.


Week 6 you will have completed use of Maxitest and will continue deriving gains from SERMadex over the next several weeks while avoiding mid-stack crash.


Week 8 Significant Mass and Strength Gains are very apparent, as well as a dramatic reduction in body fat. An increase of 20lbs of Solid, Permanent Mass on this stack is not unusual.


The Anabolic Mass Cycle comes with easy to follow cycling instructions and is recommended for experienced lifters who have taken anabolic protocols before.


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